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Complete Masonry Repairs & Chimney Rebuilding Services in Frederick, Montgomery Counties and Surrounding Area

A damaged fireplace or chimney detracts from the beauty of your home. Restore yours with masonry repairs and chimney rebuilding services from Canterbury Sweeps based in Monrovia, Maryland.

Chimney Relining

A quality chimney lining system is essential for your chimney’s performance and safety. Defective lining systems are headaches for many chimney owners. Never fear, as we can reline your chimney to ensure safe and proper drafting of your appliance.

Restoring Defective Mortar

Tuck-pointing (repointing) is used when the overall structure of the masonry is in good condition, but there are some defective mortar/mud joints between the brick. The defective mortar is typically ground or chiseled out and new mortar is injected into the resulting cavity. The joints are then finished to look anew and provide protection from leaks.

Complete Rebuilds

Loose brick, cracked or missing mortar joints, or cracked and deteriorating chimney crowns can all lead to water leaking into the chimney and heavy objects falling from your roof. Protect your roof and your home. Simply rely on our chimney-rebuilding pros to restore your chimney for you.
Contact us to join the many satisfied customers who have relied on us for masonry repairs and chimney rebuilding services.